Recognising Achievement and Effort: Australian Rotaract Awards 2016

At the 2016 Australian Rotaract Conference, Rotaract Australia presented a series of awards recognising outstanding effort and achievement by Rotaract Clubs, Rotaractors, and supporters of Rotaract. The nominees and recipients in these awards represent everything Rotaract is about. They’re really out there making a difference in their communities, whether locally, nationally or abroad. Most Outstanding […]

Calling for Applications for Treasurer

Rotaract Australia has a casual vacancy in the role of Treasurer for the 2016-17 Rotary year, beginning July 1. The Rotaract Australia constitution clause 8.3 pertaining to casual vacancies of executive members (other than the Chair and Vice-Chair) states ‘The Chairperson shall appoint an officer to serve in the vacated position until the next Annual General […]

Lead Rotaract Australia in 2016-17

Do you want to help support Rotaract Clubs to do what they do best? Rotaract Australia is seeking nominations to fill executive positions in 2016-17. Positions available are: Vice-Chair (Chair-elect); Secretary; Treasurer; and PR & Marketing Director. Nominations are open until 16 March. Full role descriptions and requirements are available here. Please contact Vice Chair Travis Holland on 0404 237 […]

Beautiful One Day, ARC the Next

Rotaract Australia is pleased to announce that Rotary Districts 9600 and 9630 will  co-host the 2016 Australian Rotaract Conference in Brisbane, Queensland. In an address to the G20 in 2014, US President Barack Obama summed up the Queensland capital as “beautiful one day, perfect the next”. With the gorgeous, mighty Brisbane River flowing through it, […]