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Rotaract Australia Executive Board

Nominations are currently OPEN for positions on the Rotaract Australia Executive. For more information: Join the Executive

Rotaract Australia Non-Executive Volunteers

On 17 April 2020, the Council of DRRs approved the Rotaract Australia Interim Strategy 2021-22. To enable the Strategy to be fully realised the organisational structure of Rotaract Australia will now include an Executive Board and Non-Executive Volunteers – made up of two different streams, Specialists and Advisors.

Specialist Roles

These personalised roles are designed to include non-executive directors and subject-matter experts. The exact roles will be determined by the entire team, following the first round of applications and appointments.

Specialists roles could include but are not limited to:

Governance Director, Legal Advisor, Webmaster, G-Suite Manager, IT Director, Training and Development Director, Training Support Officer, Resource Analyst, Social Media Manager, National Project Manager, Fundraising Officer, Podcast Manager, Communications Officer, Graphic Designer, Membership Director, Liason Officer to ARC & APRRC, ARC Chair, RI Pre-Con HOC Chair, APRRC Chair, Administrative Support Officer.

Advisor Roles

Generalised roles to offer advice and support to RA Exec & Specialist Roles.


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