Secretary Prerequisites & Position Description


Nominations for the Rotaract Australia Executive Board for 2022-2023 are open from 1 February to 1 March 2022.



  • Must be a member in good standing of a Rotaract Club within a Member District of Rotaract Australia.
  • Should have served a full term as District Rotaract Representative, however, in the event that no PDRRs are nominated, any Rotaractor of good standing within a Member District is eligible to stand for election to the Executive; but only if no PDRRs are nominated for election.
  • In the absence of a qualified past DRR, the Council may authorise a suitably competent Past Officer of a Rotaract Club to be eligible for election. 

Duties include:

The Secretary has the duty to record and distribute the minutes of the Council and the Executive meetings and assist the Council and Executive in the correspondence with DRRs. The Secretary shall collect and maintain an up to date register of members containing contact details of the Council, Executive. The Secretary shall undertake the roles usually required of a Public Officer, unless the Council by resolution appoints a separate Public Officer.

The Secretary shall abide by the following timeframes, as a minimum, in addition to those provided in the constitution:

  • Two weeks prior to meeting a meeting time, date and location, or method, shall be advised and Council and Executive members shall be invited to submit items for the agenda.
  • One week prior to meeting the agenda will be distributed to the Council and/or Executive.
  • Two weeks after meeting minutes will be distributed to the Council and Executive.

General Expectations

  • Support the implementation of all Rotaract Australia strategies and activities.
  • To organise meetings of the Rotaract Australia Executive, the Rotaract Australia Council and other ad hoc meetings as required.
  • To maintain a database of meeting attendance and inform members of their responsibilities regarding attendance, apologies and written reports.
  • To maintain accurate minutes of meetings, with particular care taken to record information regarding decisions reached by the Executive or Council and any financial decisions made.
  • To upload finalised minutes in PDF format and key documents into the Executive and Council Google Drives
  • Support the Chair of Rotaract Australia to manage the cloud-based task allocation system (eg. Asana) by adding in action items from meeting minutes etc. 
  • Manage the administration of the Rotaract Australia G-Suite (this may involve leadership of other volunteers to support the IT operations of RA Australia)
  • Oversight of all relevant IT systems for RA including maintenance of a  list of clubs/districts using RA website hosting. (this may involve leadership of other volunteers to support the IT operations of RA Australia)
  • To check and respond, or pass onto the relevant party as necessary, emails arising from the email, and enquiries raised through the Rotaract Australia website.
  • Maintain a database of contact details for DRRs, Executive and other volunteers within the Rotaract Australia framework.
  • Act as liaison with other MDIO secretaries.

Application Form

Apply to be Rotaract Australia Secretary.