Join the Executive


Nominations for the Rotaract Australia Executive Board open on 1 February 2022 and close on March 1 2022.

Positions that were open for nomination:

Please note: The Incoming Chair  was elected by the Council of DRRs in 2021. 

Incoming Chair: Laura Telford

Expectations of Rotaract Australia Executive 2022-2023

The Rotaract Australia Executive strive to be a collaborative team that is innovative, highly committed and focused on ensuring members are supported. The team works diligently to improve the member experience and support Rotaractors across the region through training and networking opportunities, resources and guidance. The Executive team are a small group of people who work to support District Rotaract Representatives, Rotaractors and Rotary leaders at a national and international level.

Key expectations for the members of the Executive are as follows:
• Attendance at monthly Executive meetings via an online platform
• Attendance at monthly Rotaract Australia Council meetings via an online platform
• Attendance at all other ad hoc meetings, events and seminars as required
• 2-4+ hours per week focused on Rotaract Australia related activities
• Regular communication with other members of the Rotaract Australia Executive, Non-Executive, District Rotaract Representatives and others as required


Rotaract Australia Executive 2022-2023 Nomination Form.