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Rotaract Australia Executive 2021-22

Nominations for the Rotaract Australia Executive Board are now CLOSED.

Positions that were open for nomination:

Please note: The Incoming Chair and the Immediate Past Chair were elected by the Council of DRRs in 2020 and 2019 respectively. 

Incoming Chair: Holly Corbett

Immediate Past Chair: Samantha Fewster

Expectations of Rotaract Australia Executive 2021-22

The Rotaract Australia Executive will strive to be a high performing team that is innovative, highly committed and hard-working. The team will work diligently to improve the functions of Rotaract Australia via the implementation of the Rotaract Australia Interim Strategy 2021-22.

Key expectations for the members of the Executive are as follows:

  • Attendance at monthly Executive meetings via Google Meet
  • Attendance at monthly Council meetings via Google Meet
  • Attendance at quarterly organisation-wider meetings via Google Meet
  • Attendance at the Australian Rotaract Conference
  • 2-4+ hours per week focused on Rotaract Australia related activities
  • Regular communication with other members of the Rotaract Australia Executive