Each year, incoming District Governors from around the world come together to train for their roles. In Australia, Rotary International Zone 8 appoints a District Rotaract Representative (DRR) trainer to conduct a similar program for incoming DRRs.

DRR Training is intended to provide DRRs the opportunity to learn about their roles, make plans for their districts, connect with each other and Rotaract Australia, and generally ensure that DRRs are able to contribute effectively to Rotary’s aims and goals.

The program attracted 17 participants from 13 Australian Rotary International Districts. Some districts sent multiple attendees who were either co-, assistant, or future DRRs.

The program was co-ordinated by the Zone 8 DRR trainer, Past District Governor (PDG) Rowley Tompsett. PDG Rowley established a supporting committee of Past DRRs from host District 9710 and neighbouring District 9675. The committee was:

  • PDG Rowley Tompsett, RI Zone 8 DRR Trainer, District 9710
  • PDRR Jake Weragoda, Chair (2015-16), Rotaract Australia, District 9675
  • PDRR Travis Holland, Vice Chair (2015-16), Rotaract Australia, District 9710
  • PDRR Jess Main, District 9710 District Rotaract Committee Chair
  • PDRR Meghan Barell, District 9710
  • DRR Rebecca Weragoda, District 9675
  • DRR Rebecca Bamford, District 9710

PDG Rowley and the team is grateful to the 13 Districts that supported their ingoing DRRs to attend. This is an investment in the future of Rotaract and Rotary in Australia.