Treasurer Prerequisites & Position Description


Nominations for the Rotaract Australia Executive Board are now CLOSED. For details about the general expectations of the Rotaract Australia Executive 2021-22 visit: Join the Executive

Treasurer Prerequisites

  • Must be a member in good standing of a Rotaract Club within a Member District of Rotaract Australia
  • Should have served a full term as District Rotaract Representative, however, in the event that no PDRRs are nominated, any Rotaractor of good standing within a Member District is eligible to stand for election to the Executive; but only if no PDRRs are nominated for election
  • In the absence of a qualified past DRR, the Council may authorise a suitably competent Past Officer of a Rotaract Club to be eligible for election. The Council shall interview or otherwise seek additional information regarding the candidate’s suitability


Duties as per the Rotaract Australia Constitution

(Please note, the Constitution is currently under review and as such this may be subject to change)

The Treasurer is responsible for the Organisation’s Financial Accounts. This includes; maintaining and monitoring the Organisation’s accounts, the reporting on the account status, all correspondence with the bank, administration of membership fees/subscriptions and any other revenue paid to RA, and arranging payments or reimbursement for purchases and expenses made on the behalf of RA


Responsibilities as per the Rotaract Australia Bylaws

(Please note, the Bylaws are currently under review and as such this may be subject to change)

The officers of the Executive shall remain in office from July 1 to June 30 or until their successors have taken office, unless the officer has been removed, in which case the office shall remain vacant until the office is filled

The Treasurer shall abide by and ensure the Treasury Procedures are followed, as per Article 10 of the Bylaws.


General Expectations

  • Support the implementation of the Rotaract Australia Interim Strategy 2021-22
  • Maintain and monitor bank accounts
  • Liaise with bank
  • Administration of fees/revenue
  • Write financial report for the AGM and otherwise as needed
  • Arranging payments or reimbursement
  • Arranging deposits or payments as needed for RA events
  • Invoice districts for training
  • Invoice clubs/districts for website hosting
  • Ensure previous treasurer has fulfilled their obligations, if not amend as required
  • Information Executive of any issues promptly and engage the Executive for support if required to ensure the organisation meets its requirements


Additional Note

On 17 April 2021 the Council of DRRs endorsed the Rotaract Australia interim Strategy 2021-22. In brief, the Strategy will see Rotaract Australia spend 2021-22 creating a long-term strategy with a large group of passionate and resourceful people who share the belief that RA has untapped potential and could add significantly more value to our members.

This will be done by working alongside a large team of more than 20 skilled Rotaractors, which should reduce the pressure and expectations on individuals, while also allowing the team to run the day-to-day operations AND create a long-term strategic plan.

This Interim Strategy changes the structure of the RA organisation by including a non-executive stream of volunteers, side by side with the executive board. The Council of DRRs will remain the same (see diagram below for proposed structure for 2021-22). In addition, the creation of a Rotary Advisory Group is proposed for an initial one year term.

As such, the roles and responsibilities of any executive elected for 2021-22 is subject to change based on the recommendations and strategic intentions developed throughout the year. Any person elected into these roles will have oversight and significant consultation ahead of the formalisation of any changes to the scope of their role.

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