Vice-Chair Prerequisites & Position Description


Nominations for the Rotaract Australia Executive Board are now CLOSED. For details about the general expectations of the Rotaract Australia Executive 2021-22 visit: Join the Executive

Vice-Chair Prerequisites

  • Must be a member in good standing of a Rotaract Club within a Member District of Rotaract Australia.
  • Must have served, or be currently serving, a term as District Rotaract Representative in a District. Should the term as DRR have not been completed they shall not be eligible to take on the position of Chairperson in the following year.


Duties as per the Rotaract Australia Constitution

(Please note, the Constitution is currently under review and as such this may be subject to change)

The Vice Chairperson has a supporting role to the Chairperson and represents the Chairperson when he or she is unavailable. The Vice Chairperson shall also serve as the Chairperson Elect, becoming Chairperson in the year following.

The Chairperson represents the Organisation with respect to all other organisations and within the Rotary/Rotaract organisation. The Chairperson shall actively encourage any Districts in the Area that are not members to join the Organisation. It is the responsibility of the Chairperson to work closely with the Council and the Executive over the year to attain the goals that have been set by the Council. A key part of the role is to provide support and advice to Rotaractors and Rotarians about Rotaract. The Chairperson is the sole official spokesperson for the organisation unless he or she delegates this to another member of the Executive for a specific purpose. The Chairperson presides over all meetings of the Council and the Executive; if the Chairperson is unavailable the Vice Chairperson acts on behalf of the Chairperson.

Responsibilities as per the Rotaract Australia Bylaws

(Please note, the Bylaws are currently under review and as such this may be subject to change)

The officers of the Executive shall remain in office from July 1 to June 30 or until their successors have taken office, unless the officer has been removed, in which case the office shall remain vacant until the office is filled.

The Vice Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson with his/her roles and responsibilities, and in the event of a vacancy of the office of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson shall serve as acting Chairperson until an election is held.

The Vice Chairperson shall be responsible for supporting the coordination of the national conference for the following year in consultation and approval of the Executive, as well as the coordinating of training for incoming Rotaract leaders provided by the Organisation.

General Expectations

  • Support the implementation of the Rotaract Australia Interim Strategy 2021-22.Act in a supporting capacity; supporting the Chair and RA Team as needed
  • Fill in for RA Secretary in meetings if needed (except when chairing meetings)
  • Plan for leading the Executive in 2022-23 
    • Plan DRR training with guidance from Chair, IP Chair and Rotary representative.
  • Act as a representative of the MDIO 
  • Ensure RA administration is up to date (ASIC, bank signatories, AGM)
  • Become director with ASIC
  • Become signatory on bank accounts
  • Support Chair and RA organisation to assist clubs with insurance and governance queries
  • Support Chair and RA organisation to provide support to clubs re: incorporation, constitution and by-laws
  • To aid in the growth of Rotaract in Australia 
  • Administrator of the RA Facebook page
  • Assist with writing the RA Annual Report
  • Assist with RA Awards
    • May include: Nomination form creation, updating award criteria, arranging Board voting and award creation.


Additional Note

On 17 April 2021 the Council of DRRs endorsed the Rotaract Australia interim Strategy 2021-22. In brief, the Strategy will see Rotaract Australia spend 2021-22 creating a long-term strategy with a large group of passionate and resourceful people who share the belief that RA has untapped potential and could add significantly more value to our members.

 This will be done by working alongside a large team of more than 20 skilled Rotaractors, which should reduce the pressure and expectations on individuals, while also allowing the team to run the day-to-day operations AND create a long-term strategic plan.

 This Interim Strategy changes the structure of the RA organisation by including a non-executive stream of volunteers, side by side with the executive board. The Council of DRRs will remain the same (see diagram below for proposed structure for 2021-22). In addition, the creation of a Rotary Advisory Group is proposed for an initial one year term.

As such, the roles and responsibilities of any executive elected for 2021-22 is subject to change based on the recommendations and strategic intentions developed throughout the year. Any person elected into these roles will have oversight and significant consultation ahead of the formalisation of any changes to the scope of their role. 

Application Form

Applications for Executive Roles are now CLOSED.