Communications Director Prerequisities & Position Description


Nominations are open from 7 February 2024 to 6 March 2024.


Communications Director


The following position description has been developed to best capture the expectations of the role for the next year, but further changes from the Zone 8 Regionalisation Pilot may arise during the term, with the exact scope and responsibilities still being determined. We are looking for candidates who are excited by the opportunity to be flexible and creative during this period.



  • Must be a member in good standing of a Chartered Rotaract Club within a Member District of Rotaract Australia.
  • Should have served a full term as District Rotaract Representative, however, in the event that no PDRRs are nominated, any Rotaractor of good standing within a Member District is eligible to stand for election to the Executive; but only if no PDRRs are nominated for election.
  • In the absence of a qualified past DRR, the Council may authorise a suitably competent Past Officer of a Rotaract Club to be eligible for election. 


Duties will include:

The Communications Director is responsible for the internal and external marketing of RA under the guidance of the Rotaract Australia Chairperson. This includes oversight of all social media pages, supporting website updates and other media and communication activities as needed. During the year this may also include liaising with the Zone 8 Conference committee and other bodies to ensure adequate promotion of events, functions and opportunities relevant to members.

General Expectations

  • Support the implementation of all Rotaract Australia strategies and activities.
  • Oversight of the Chats by Rotaract Australia Podcast (with significant support from the existing hosts and existing editors  allowing for the potential to expand the pool of hosts and editors)
  • Oversight of administration, monitoring and content creation in relation to RA social media platforms
  • Create specific and sharable content related to RA’s goals, projects and events for all social media platforms and for the website
  • Share highlights from Australian clubs to foster connectedness
  • Ensure branding guidelines are followed across RA’s platforms 
  • Post regular, current and up to date resources from Rotary International 
  • Advise (when required) RA executive, DRR’s and Rotaract clubs in Australia on all communication matters.
  • Oversight of content created for RA website (this may involve leadership of other volunteers to support the Communication operations of RA Australia)
  • Oversight of content created and provided to RDU magazine 
  • Assist event committees with advertising RA events


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