National Rotaract Training 2020

Recorded live 14th June 2020

In 2020, District Rotaract Representatives (DRRs) from all over Australia joined together to host a national training event. This event was held online and recorded so that resources could be provided to even more Rotaractors.

You can explore the recordings and resources below.


Your Character Strengths

Presented by Holly Corbett and Bianca Lobo

Learn your personal strengths and how they can be used to propel you forward in Rotaract



Complete free VIA Character Strengths Survey


SWOT Reflection and Visioning

Presented by Rebecca Fry

A strong SWOT analysis can be the basis for your year as a Rotaract Leader, learn how to harness your analysis effectively!


Rotary International Strategic Planning Guide

Governance and RI Resources

Presented by Andrew Best

It sounds boring but it keeps your club on track and compliant. Come along and hear from RI's Andrew Best as he talks about all things insurance, constitution updates, bylaw changes and #elevaterotaract


Rotaract Standard Constitution 
Recommended Club Bylaws
Rotary Learning Centre
Rotary Brand Centre

What is Rotaract Australia

Presented by Ada Gain and Samantha Fewster

Rotaract Australia is the peak body for all things Rotaract in Australia. Your one stop shop for advice and information Rotaract Australia aims to empower and connect Rotaractors across the country and globe.


Rotaract Q&A Session

Panelists: Laura Telford, Samantha Fewster and Will Bassett

All you have ever wanted to know about Rotaract, Rotary and more is this session. Listen to burning questions and ask your own

Club Culture

Presented by Holly Corbett and Madi Biggelaar

A club is its members but having a great club culture makes members come back meeting after meeting. This session is all about creating and maintaining a great club vibe.


A Balanced and Sustainable Life

Presented by Ada Gain

Are you stressed at the prospect of balancing work, study, work, life and Rotaract? Come along and see if Ada can find some strategies to maintaining that work, life, Rotaract balance