At the 2016 Australian Rotaract Conference, Rotaract Australia presented a series of awards recognising outstanding effort and achievement by Rotaract Clubs, Rotaractors, and supporters of Rotaract. The nominees and recipients in these awards represent everything Rotaract is about. They’re really out there making a difference in their communities, whether locally, nationally or abroad.

Most Outstanding Community Project


  • Rotaract Club of Barwon for North Geelong Secondary College Breakfast Club. This program involves sourcing and preparing nutritious, plentiful food five days a week for the college students, approximately 150 of whom access the program daily. Many of these students may not otherwise eat breakfast or lunch and benefit socially from the program with a greater sense of belonging at school.
  • Rotaract Club of Warnambool and District for a trivia night raising money for Brophy Family and Youth Services. The event raised $5000 for donation to a local foster care program.
  • Rotaract Club of the University of Canberra for Animals on Campus. This project aims to promote animal welfare and well being at the University of Canberra campus in response to construction development pushing our wildlife onto campus from the nature reserve nearby. Awareness posters targeting residential students, international and domestic students was created in 4 of the languages predominantly found on campus (English, Korean, Mandarin & Vietnamese) and strategically placed on campus notice boards and residential house notice boards.
  • Rotaract Club of Canberra for satchel packing with the Australian Local Government Association. The revenue we receive from our work is a major fundraiser each year with the proceeds being split between our international and community charities.


Most Outstanding International Project

  • Rotaract Club of Canberra for Shelterbox fundraiser. The event sold-out, attracting over 120 people from the community and raising enough funds to purchase two Shelterboxes.
  • Rotaract Club of Rossmoyne for A Thousand Paper Cranes. A Thousand Paper Cranes aims to promote peace and understanding amongst our communities through their involvement in a large scale communal project, to fold thousands of paper cranes, which will be placed before the Children’s Peace Monument at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima on the International Day of Peace (September 21), as a message to the world of our desire to see the world a more peaceful place for those who follow in our footsteps.


Most Outstanding Professional Development Project

  • Rotaract Club of Perth for Movember Comedy Debate. Rotaractors across WA had a chance to develop their public speaking and leadership skills as well as raise essential funds for Movember. This professional development event had four WA Rotaract Clubs participating with 12 Rotaractors battling out a comedy debate! The goal was to help develop the skills of Rotaractors, build fellowship between and within clubs, and, most importantly, raise funds and awareness of Movember.
  • District 9810 for mentorship program. This mentorship program involved 5 sessions where Rotaractors were provided with the opportunity to learn from Rotarians in their vocational fields, about key job finding skills, about leading and managing teams. The last session was a reverse mentoring session where Rotaractors mentored Rotarians in basic social media and IT skills.


Most Outstanding Public Relations Activity

  • Samantha Fewster, Rotaract Club of South Perth for a twin club agreement with Rotaract Club of Ortakoy (Istanbul). The goals of the project were to meet international Rotaractors, learn what type of projects they do and sign a twin club agreement and use this experience to promote the work Rotaract to the community and potential members who have not heard of Rotaract through the local newspaper and our club Facebook page.


Partners in Service

  • Peter Durrant, Rotarian mentor of Rotaract Club of Mt Lawley (Western Australia). Peter (Karrinyup Rotary), has gone above and beyond in his support for Rotaract. He has attended multiple meetings, including one south of the River (not the same district). He has opened up his home over the past year, for members to host meetings in a informal way.
  • Andrew Rofe, Rotarian mentor of Rotaract Club of Barwon. Andrew is the immediate Past President of the Rotary Club of Geelong East. Over the past 12 months as President Andrew has provided Barwon Rotaract great support in our daily activities and the development of the club. Andrew was a key advocate in involving Rotaract members in several Rotary fundraising events and ensuring they received a fair share of money raised for their efforts, greatly assisting their community and international projects.


Rotaractor of the Year

  • Kevin, Rotaract Club of Mt Lawley. Kevin has worked tirelessly “behind the scenes” through the last year to make sure his club will be in the strongest position possible for the future. Kevin has been proactive in organising speakers for his club, including a high-level politician. Kevin has done a lot to promote his club and Rotaract in general, and was successful two years in a row in hosting stalls at the Beaufort St festival, providing thousands of people with exposure to the work of Rotaract and attracting a few new members.
  • Liz Fagan, Rotaract Club of Barwon. Liz first joined the Rotaract Club of Barwon in 2012 and has been a dedicated club member since, serving as Treasurer, Professional Development Director, Social Director and as President during the 2015-16 year. Currently Liz is the DRR for 9780.
    When she was a new member Liz got the club club involved with breakfast club at a local Secondary College, a key community project the club supports every week with volunteers and financial contributions. Liz’s drive and commitment to establishing this community project has enabled the school to grow it into a program operating five days a week, up from only twice weekly beforehand.
  • Meghan Barrell, Rotaract Club of Southern Highlands. Meghan was inspired to join Rotaract after attending District 9710’s RYLA camp in January 2009 as a 19 year old. Ever since then, she has been strongly committed to supporting and promoting Rotaract and Rotaractors within her club and beyond.