Rotaract Macquarie’s Homework Help Program won RA’s Best Community Project Award in 2014. We recently caught up with RMQ to see how the program has evolved over the last few months.

“The aim of this program is to help primary schools student from the area with their homework.
Every Tuesday of school term, parents bring their kids to the Epping community hub for around 90 mins. The students bring their own homework to work on during this period of time and ask the tutor if they don’t understand how to solve the problem.
The ratio between the tutor and student is around 1 to 1 most of the time. So there are around 5 students and 4 tutors. There was a stage that I needed to take care of 3 students. It was a bit challenging because all 3 students are doing different subjects. But overall it was manageable.”RMQ HH

-Eddy, Rotaract Club of Macquarie University, Homework Help Program Volunteer

“Over the past three years, the homework help program has undergone several redevelopments as the clubs vision and community expectation shifted. Our program has relocated suburbs in the hope of attracting specifically migrant students who are still learning English. This way we hoped that the program would help not only with the students homework but by helping to develop basic English communication through games and play with the volunteers.

Through O week recruitment for our club in February this year we received a lot more interest from new volunteers hoping to get involved in the Homework Help program which was fantastic. The new blood has reinvigorated the program and it is successfully achieving its goal as a fun way for primary aged migrant students to assimilate effectively into the Australian community.”

-Taylor Murphy, President 2015-2016

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