With the 2016 Australian Rotaract Games finished the greatest thing to see was the images of Rotaractors wearing their Rotaract Against Malaria tshirts but what are we actually to do about Malaria!

As Rotaractors there are two things that we can do to do our bit to eradicate Malaria. Firstly spread the word, we as a generation have not had to experience the devastating impacts of polio however we all know someone who has experienced the impacts of Malaria. So get out there and share images of you and your friends in your RAM tshirts or the group photo from ARG with the hastags #RotaractAustralia and #RAM.

Don’t forget to fundraise as well. In 2014-2015 Rotaract clubs around Australia raised a phenomenal amount of $11,000 which meant that over 22,000 Malaria nets were sent to countries struggling to combat Malaria. This year we want to raise the bar so run a BBQ, run a fundraising lunch, hell run a fun run if you can but get out there and raise as much as you can for Malaria!

Rotary is internationally known for fighting Polio and they are nearly finished with Polio so lets get started on Malaria so in 50 years we can look back and say we started this.