At Inaugural Interact Conference

Connect Conference ALL

On Monday May the 11th over 100 High School Students, from 12 Interact Clubs, were up bright and early to attend the first ever ‘Connect’ Conference for Interactors.

The Conference, organised by the District 9675 Rotaract Board, provided Interactors with a chance “to develop their leadership potential, engage with each other and, have fun,” said Vanessa Hu, Conference Organiser and Projects Director for District 9675 Rotaract.

Held at the UTS Aerial Function centre, the day was jam packed with networking activities, team building exercises, and fantastic speakers.

“We tried to keep the sessions short, sharp and active to hold the students’ attention,” said Ms. Hu.

The effect of this bold new model was obvious for all to see said, Lisa Kim, District Rotaract Representative who was blown away from the energy and enthusiasm of the Interactors.

“I was so encouraged to see students from all the Interact Clubs so enthusiastic and passionate about making a difference in the world. I’m confident they will succeed in their mission”, said Miss Kim.

A highlight of the conference for many was the ‘Design a Project’ challenge.

The project suggestions offered up by the young students were diverse and included events to tackle homelessness, raise awareness of juvenile justice issues, a ‘Battle of the Bands’, and a movie night.

All of the suggestions were given over for review and voting amongst the Interactors, who eventually declared the suggestion of an Interact Amazing Race/Games to be the winner.

“I loved attending the Conference,” said Harri Jani, from Homebush Boys High School Interact Club, “it was an avenue for us as students to collaborate our efforts to maximise our impact on the wider community. I can’t wait to come back next year!”

The event was also a testament to the power of what Rotaract can do to build the leaders of tomorrow.

“This was the first conference I have ever organised and it was one of the most challenging and worthwhile things I have done,” said Vanessa Hu, the praise for whom was echoed continually around the room at the recent District 9675 Rotaract Changeover.

The entire District Rotaract team would like to extend their most sincere thanks to District Governor for 9675, Barry Antees, who had the idea for this event and empowered us as a District Rotaract team to take ownership of this project.

Thank you Barry for your help, support, and guidance with the conference, we couldn’t have done it without you.

We would also like to thank Rotary for funding provided to support the cost of this fantastic initiative.

-Aidan Simmons
Rotaract District 9675 Director PR/Marketing
Paul Harris Fellow