To celebrate World Rotaract Week (WRW) this year, Rotaract Australia are running a WRW PR Competition!

World Rotaract Week, which occurs each year during the week of 13 March, celebrates the founding of the first Rotaract Club in 1968. This event is a great opportunity to inform your community about the amazing work that Rotaract clubs do, and give them an opportunity to get involved. It’s also a time to reach out to Rotaract and Rotary clubs from all over the world.

Tell Me More About The Competition…
To enter the competition, think of the most innovative way to promote World Rotaract Week (2nd week of March). It can be anything, from publishing something in the local newspaper to using digital media. If your club can organise an activity during/ associated with WRW that the local media can report on, even better! Clubs are encouraged to publish multiple promotions via several channels if available.
Why Your Club Should Be Involved…
The WRW PR Competition encourages clubs to promote WRW in innovative and engaging ways during this week of global celebrations. The idea of the competition is to explore different ways to engage the local community and promote Rotaract. This can lead to greater interest for membership and sponsorship. Plus, your club can win prizes and national recognition!
1 winner will be selected for a $100 prize to use toward your club’s PR & Marketing budget. Runners-up prizes will be $50 to use toward your club’s PR & Marketing budget.
To submit an entry, each club needs to accomplish 2 parts:
  • During WRW: Send us a copy or link to the published article(s) / promotion(s). Very important if your promotion method involves social media, as we can share your stories.
  • After WRW: Submit a brief statement of how the campaign has benefited the club (membership inquiries, leads for fundraising support, strengthened ties with media for future campaigns)

A panel of judges will assess how each entrant has engaged the target audience and look for specific content that is included. Each entrant will receive a merit rating and prizes will be awarded to the top entrants.

Competition Rules & Criteria…
Your entries will be judged on criteria relating to how the promotion showcases:
  • the aims of Rotaract
  • how your club serves the community
  • personal and professional development within Rotaract
  • your involvement with Rotary, especially your local club(s)
  • a Rotaract or Rotary logo (e.g., shirts, club banners)
Other Judging Criteria…
  • Efficiency in club marketing
  • Appropriateness of marketing and Rotaract standards
  • Creativity
  • Positive impacts of the campaign

Entries will close at the end of March. For more information or ideas, contact