Our Fellow Rotaractors at MED MDIO are dedicated in their cause to support refugees fleeing Syria, especially children.

Vera Damerjian, Rotaract Med MDIO President 2014-2016, writes:
“As our MDIO is geographically located in the heart of the crisis, we thought of taking action in helping the Syrian refugees in general and the children in particular. The concept of our initiative is to create a global movement for this cause:

– The clubs/districts that are in direct contact with refugees (as in Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, etc) can aid directly through donations, animation/education campaigns for children, or any other projects they find necessary.

– Other clubs/districts around the world (that would like to work for our cause and do not have refugees in their countries) can help the clubs who are in direct contact with refugees by organizing fundraisers for them after discussing the particular needs.

In this way, smaller projects are arranged between different clubs and districts around the world, all in the same direction of the Med MDIO’s initiative to help the Syrian Children.”

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Read more about their ongoing projects and offer your support at http://med-mdio.org/category/ongoing-projects/