On Saturday March 12, Rotaractors from across Western Australia came together to have an enlightening day of knowledge sharing. During the day our members were engaged in team bonding activities as well as different sessions. These sessions included: Strategic Planning for their clubs, how to run an effective event, the importance of marketing correctly, Rotary/Rotaract relationship, and membership.


We had the privilege of having a handful of Rotarians on hand to help present on some of these topics and for them to learn a bit about our Rotaract Clubs and Rotaract as a whole. Their knowledge and experience was well received and one were hope to continue to have at our events.

We even have decided to create an event as Western Australia on behalf of Rotaractors Against Malaria.

Thank you to all attendees, presenters, and those who helped plan and run the event. It is something that couldn’t have happened without you all. Until next time…

DRR Training:

It all started with an early flight, full of excitement and maybe a few nerves, to Canberra for a weekend of training. District Rotaract Representatives (DRRs) were invited for this training weekend, to learning about the role and Rotary/Rotaract, but possibly possibly more important ourselves and those we will be working with for the year. We were welcomed at the airport by the current DRR, Bec Bamford, she then provided a quick tour of parliament house on the way to our hotel. She informed us of some of the going ons and where some places to visit for food and shopping. After a little rest we headed to the Friday night school, where we had the opportunity to meet the other DRRs and Canberra Rotaractors.

On the Saturday we started off with learning what our weaknesses, strengths, and goals are. It was wonderful getting to hear the other district leaders state their goals and getting to share ours. It will be nice to find ways to help them reach their goals. We also had sessions on: Legal/Insurance, Organization, Marketing Avenues, and what we believed our role as DRR will involve. We ended the day with a cocktail function were we introduced to the District Governor.

Sunday focused on the strengthening the relationship between Rotary and Rotaract to bridge the gap and have members move onto Rotary once their time in Rotaract ends. The other portion of the day was spend focusing on unresolved issues from the day before.

Thank you to our district for providing us the opportunity to learn information we hope to bring back into the district. Also, the opportunity to network with the other DRRs from around Australia that we will be working closely with for the next year. Also thank you for Rotaract Australia for putting on a well run and informative weekend.

-Stephanie Webb, DRR District 9455 WA