Rhiannon, President of the Rotaract Club of Murwillumbah writes: 
Our club as been up to a lot lately, and we strongly believe in being a proactive club in our community. recently we adopted an orang-utan named Chocolate from The Orangutang project for an annual fee of $65 which provided him with food, vet care and a number of other important projects such as campaigning against Palm oil.
We donated $300 to Blake Coleton, a local 18 year old who was left paralytic after a motor cross accident and requires Steam Cell treatment only available to him in central America, Steam Cell Treatment is very expensive and his family are desperate to raise the much needed funds.
We also participated in the Murwillumbah Rotary Billy cart Derby on the 26th of July, each services club including the three local Rotary Clubs, Lions and Ape as well as our Rotaract Club competed for the pool prize money of $600 which was donated to the winning clubs chosen Charity. Murwillumbah Rotary central won the derby. our new member Reuben Russ was our nominated driver for our billy cart so it was great to see a new member be so involved. In total, our club gained three more members in July and we celebrated with a ten pin bowling night.
-Rhiannon Francis, President of the Rotaract Club of Murwillumbah