Bianca L from Monash Rotaract travelled to Seoul for the Young Leader’s Summit, Rotaract Pre-Convention and Rotary International Convention:

Korea is a beautiful country, filled with an intriguing contrast of historic and futuristic structures, as well as colourful, bubbly people and a strong sense of pride and dedication.  I was lucky enough to visit Seoul at the end of May for YLS and RICON.


“Our Challenge – World Future and Rotary” was the stirring theme of the Young Leaders Summit 2016. Aussie Rotaractors attended in force and took part in the full day seminar on the 27th May, which showcased leaders from around the globe presenting on their solutions to the main challenges facing the world. It was a great learning experience to see what sustainable and integrative solutions were being implemented to support and empower communities.


There was also an intensive program that spanned the five days following, where we took part in Korean cultural learning, the 3km Peace Walk and the DMZ Tour. The experience was like no other and allowed us to meet young leaders from around the world and share ideas with them.

The trip as a whole was utterly unique, and I have returned full of passion and commitment for Rotaract, Rotary and changing the world.