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Club Officer Training 2020

Online - June 14

Rotaract Australia presents 2020 Club Officer Training. For the first time, District Rotaract Representatives from across the country have come together to organise virtual training for all incoming board members.

Tune in from the comfort of your own home to get the best of the best training from right around the nation.

The dedicated team of past, current and incoming DRR’s have put together a wonderful, dynamic program just for you and best of all it is free – that’s right FREE!

Come and learn the importance of being skilled to achieve the most in the next year!

Register by 8th June to ensure you don't miss out -


Time (AEST) Time (ACST) Time (AWST) Session Name Session Description
10:00am 9:30am 8:00am Your Character Strengths Reflection Learn your personal strengths and how they can be used to propel you forward in Rotaract
10:30am 10:00am 8:30am Club Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat Analysis Reflection A strong SWOT analysis can be the basis for your year as a Rotaract Leader, learn how to harness your analysis effectively!
11:00am 10:30am 9:00am BREAKOUT - Positions Join a breakout specific for your role and learn all about what is expected from you for the next year. Breakout details below
12:00pm 11:30am 10:00am Governance It sounds boring but it keeps your club on track and compliant. Come along and hear from RI's Andrew Best as he talks about all things insurance, constitution updates, bylaw changes and #elevaterotaract
1:00pm 12:30pm 11:00am Lunch Get a bite to eat or join with other Rotaractors for a chat
1:30pm 1:00pm 11:30am BREAKOUT - Club Tools What are some of the tools available for Rotaract clubs and how can you effectively use them. Breakout details below
2:30pm 2:00pm 12:30pm Rotaract Australia Rotaract Australia is the peak body for all things Rotaract in Australia. Your one stop shop for advice and information Rotaract Australia aims to empower and connect Rotaractors across the country and globe.
3:00pm 2:30pm 1:00pm Rotaract FAQs All you have ever wanted to know about Rotaract, Rotary and more is this session. Listen to burning questions and ask your own
4:00pm 3:30pm 2:00pm Club Culture A club is its members but having a great club culture makes members come back meeting after meeting. This session is all about creating and maintaining a great club vibe.
5:00pm 4:30pm 3:00pm A balanced and sustainable life Are you stressed at the prospect of balancing work, study, work, life and Rotaract? Come along and see if Ada can find some strategies to maintaining that work, life, rotaract balance
Time (AEST) Session Name
10:00am Your Character Strengths Reflection
10:30am Club Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat Analysis Reflection
11:00am BREAKOUT - Positions
12:00pm Governance
1:00pm Lunch
1:30pm BREAKOUT - Club Tools
2:30pm Rotaract Australia
3:00pm Rotaract FAQs
4:00pm Club Culture
5:00pm A balanced and sustainable life

Positions Breakouts

Time (AEST) Time (ACST) Time (AWST) Session Name Session Description
11:00am 10:30am 9:00am President & Vice-President Leading can be hard but you don't have to do it alone, Presidents and Vice-Presidents join together to learn all the tips and tricks for your year ahead
11:00am 10:30am 9:00am Secretary Taking minutes, managing memberships, writing agendas... Is there more to Secretary? and how do you effectively do these things?
11:00am 10:30am 9:00am Treasurer Money, money, money. Must be funny... but seriously money is important - learn how to stay on top of your finances
11:00am 10:30am 9:00am Directors Rotaract clubs have many different Directors/Officers/Coordinators - Join this session to learn how your role fits in woth your club
Time (AEST) Session Name
11:00am President & Vice-President
11:00am Secretary
11:00am Treasurer
11:00am Directors

Club Tools Breakouts

Time (AEST) Time (ACST) Time (AWST) Session Name Session Description
1:30pm 1:00pm 11:30am IT and Online Tools Online tools can make your time a breeze or living hell, come and get all the tips and tricks to conqure your IT
1:30pm 1:00pm 11:30am Running Events From conception to end running events can throw up challenges. Come along and learn the behind the scenes of event running.
1:30pm 1:00pm 11:30am Marketing/branding Facebook, Instagram, radio, online and more? Your club's brand and marketing your events is a top priority so come along and get some tips to make your club and banging events stand out from the crowd
1:30pm 1:00pm 11:30am Projects/planning for success How to go from a project idea to a plan, keep sustainable practices in mind, and what tools to use along the way.
Time (AEST) Session Name
1:30pm IT and Online Tools
1:30pm Running Events
1:30pm Marketing/branding
1:30pm Projects/planning for success

Frequently Asked Questions


We have a limited number of spaces available for training so registration is essential. The link to join will only be sent to those that have registered.

We will be using Google Meet as our platform for the presentations. A calendar invite and schedule, which will contain links to each of the individual rooms will be sent to you via email in the coming weeks.

  • All attendees will be requested to keep themselves muted, whenever they are not talking, during sessions. 
  • If the presenter requests questions, please type your question into the chat, and if they require more detail they will ask you to unmute your microphone and speak. 
  • Otherwise, please do not interrupt the presenter at any point during the session. 
  • Please note that all sessions will be recorded, including all chat messages, so please keep all comments respectful and considerate. 
  • Sessions will be starting on time, so please ensure you are present in the meeting room at the scheduled start time. If you miss the start, the presenter will not be repeating content due to the limited time available. 

There is some pre-work that you will be asked to do. This will help to make the training day as productive as possible.

Information about the pre-work will be available on this page shortly and will be sent to all registrants by email.

Thanks for your enthusiasm! You are more than welcome to attend, but please note the following:

  • As this training is intended for members of Rotaract clubs in the Districts encompassing Australia, the content of these sessions has been brought together to be relevant to members in Australia.
  • If you have questions for the presenter, please feel free to raise them in the chat. Please note that questions from Australian Rotaractors will be prioritised, where they are present. Any questions which are not answered during the session will be taken down and passed onto the presenters for their response.
  • If our all spaces for the training are filled, you may be asked to withdraw your registration.

For this event, we will be limited to 250 registrations and will send out links to attend, as per the following priorities. Within those priorities, preference shall be given to those who registered earlier.

  1. Australian Rotaractors
  2. Australian Rotary Youth Program Participants (e.g. Interact, Rotex, etc.)
  3. Australian Rotarians, involved with and interested in Rotaract
  4. International Rotaractors
  5. International Rotarians

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and shared with attendees at a later date so you can go back and access them at any time. These can also be shared with other club members who are unable to attend on the day. These sessions will be made available for at least one year.

For the best experience, we highly recommend that you attend on the day so that you can ask presenters your questions and get responses in real time.

Each breakout session will only be run once due to time constraints, however you will be able to access the recordings of other breakout sessions at a later date.

Attend the Rotaract FAQs session. We will have some experienced Rotaractors speaking answer questions of all kinds, and providing information on many different Rotaract and Rotary opportunities. If you have a question for the panel, please email it through.